Preschool Scholarship Application

Do you receive or qualify for free lunch?
Do you receive or qualify for reduced lunch?

You may still qualify for a scholarship even if you don’t receive free or reduced lunch


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We support our city’s schools! We wish the following schools success on their school auctions:

P.S.8, P.S.9, P.S.11, P.S.29, P.S.31, P.S.32, P.S.33, P.S.38, P.S.56, P.S.58, P.S.84 , P.S.116, P.S.118, P.S.126, P.S.230, P.S.261, P.S.288, P.S.333, P.S.372, P.S.686, P.S. 705, Brooklyn New School, and NEST+m, The Brooklyn School of Inquiry, Brooklyn Waldorf School 


We look forward to supporting our city's schools for the 2020/2021 fundraising season. Whether it's providing a gift certificate for your school's auction or setting up an activity table at your school's next event, we have your back! Email us today at and tell us how we can help! It takes a village!