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We rely on expert educators, artists, administrators, and a strong support team of teaching assistants and program counselors to provide our children and families with key positive experiences, lasting memories, and opportunities for impactful enrichment and discovery.  


Please complete the application form below, and be sure to check off any open positions you are interested in interviewing for! We look forward to meeting you and finding out how your personal goals can be a great match for a career at World Explorers Group. 

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Explorers Intern Program

The Summer Intern Development Program of The World Explorers Group is seeking High School Intern(s) to join our team!



Afterschool Adventures 2019-2020
School Break Camp 2019-2020

What's the internship all about?

In high school you prepare for once you leave those homerooms to explore your passions; we want to expand on that with you. Our internship program is designed to broaden students' horizons and understanding different aspects of the workplace. We are offering mentoring, field trips, and one-on-one time with the founders of the school. Students will get a hands-on internship that produces real on the job experience, in and outside the office.

How many Interns:



Hours: Monday-Friday

flexible depending on the prospective interns’ schedule 


Fort Greene,  36 St. Felix Street, Brooklyn 




It takes a village, so we built one. Backpacks and Binoculars teaches children to explore the world - the one around them and the world at large. We partner with parents to develop healthy, well-rounded children who become excited about serving their community and learning about the world. Throughout the year, our explorers experience different cultures while learning important insights and skills that prepare them to be caring, responsible citizens of a global community. Our explorers learn to value both the similarities and differences between themselves and others. They also participate in many exciting excursions carefully crafted to engage, excite, and explore.

Intern Duties are:

  • Assists department leads with daily administrative needs

  • Provides teaching assistance 

  • Social Media/Web assistance 

  • Attends training workshops

  • Participates in activities with children and staff

This position focuses on building a creative and engaging space for students to find their passion; each student will be placed in a position that resonates with them. 



  • Learning new things 

  • Exploring your interests

  • Understanding workplace etiquette*

  • Glowing up internally and on your resume 



  • Curious

  • Flexible

  • Open-Minded

  • Hard worker

  • Eager to Learn

  • Team player

  • Sense of adventure



  • $200 stipend** 

  • Letter of recommendation from direct supervisor(s)

  • Resume assistance

  • Interview techniques 

  • Mentoring

  • Professional Development field trips



*Know what to do when you're at an office dinner, team offsite, or creative consultation with Beyoncè!

**Stipend eligibility for students who’ve worked at least one (1) season with the company.

Come Explore With Us! 



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Caring is the gift of making the ordinary special.

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36 St. Felix St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

We support our city’s schools! We wish the following schools success on their school auctions:

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We look forward to supporting our city's schools for the 2020/2021 fundraising season. Whether it's providing a gift certificate for your school's auction or setting up an activity table at your school's next event, we have your back! Email us today at info.at.explorerkids.us and tell us how we can help! It takes a village!