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The childcare coverage you need in just a few clicks! 

We are excited to offer our flexible and affordable drop-off care. Our drop-off program includes meals, snacks, enrichment activities, and a fun time with our drop-off sitters. To book your care today, follow these three simple steps!

If you are a preschool or after school family, you have a credit of up to 150 hours of drop-off childcare. During the booking process, you will enter your unique coupon code in the payment field, and your credit will be adjusted accordingly.



 the number of hours you will need, then date and time, and complete the easy booking form.



your child(ren) for your childcare session.


GET IT DONE! Whether you are working on tight deadlines or just having some fun free-time, we have it from here!

Weekly itinerary


6pm: Drop-off & choice time in our classrooms

6:30pm: Dinner

7-8pm: Arts & Crafts

8pm: Story-time

8:30pm: Choice time in our classrooms

9pm: Dismissal


6pm: Drop-off & choice time in our classrooms

6:30pm: Pizza Dinner

7-8:30pm: Friday night movie & treats

8:30pm: Choice time in our classrooms

9pm: Dismissal


8am-10am: Choice time in our classrooms

10-11am: Arts & crafts

11am: Dance & exercise hour

12pm: Lunch

1:00-2:30pm: Choice time in our classrooms

2:30pm: Afternoon snack

3pm-4pm: Story time & library hour

4-5pm: Choice of assorted board & card games

5-6pm: Dance & exercise hour

6pm: Dinner

6:30pm-8pm: Saturday night movie and treats

8:30pm: Choice time in our classrooms

9pm: Dismissal 



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Caring is the gift of making the ordinary special.

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36 St. Felix St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

We support our city’s schools! We wish the following schools success on their school auctions:

P.S.8, P.S.9, P.S.11, P.S.29, P.S.31, P.S.32, P.S.33, P.S.38, P.S.56, P.S.58, P.S.84 , P.S.116, P.S.118, P.S.126, P.S.230, P.S.261, P.S.288, P.S.333, P.S.372, P.S.686, P.S. 705, Brooklyn New School, and NEST+m, The Brooklyn School of Inquiry, Brooklyn Waldorf School 


We look forward to supporting our city's schools for the 2020/2021 fundraising season. Whether it's providing a gift certificate for your school's auction or setting up an activity table at your school's next event, we have your back! Email us today at and tell us how we can help! It takes a village!